Poetry by Jael
by jael bietsch

we've gone back to the tower again
and we talk of voice and imagery
we can't get past our own
selves to see what we do
you create her out of her own ruins and
she is beautiful to look at
pretty and pretentious
no one writes like that for me

your skin looks smooth and warm
I want to touch it when you read
push my fingers into the hair at your temples
where its finer paler and your skin shines
your voice will sound louder in the dark, lower
I can feel the way your breath shapes around
your lips and teeth, your soft tongue
I see what you do and my eyes water in my hot face
I take open-mouth breaths to feel my self move
try not to see you looking at me from behind
glasses and show you what I know you mean
until we get it

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