Poetry by Jael
No Wake Zone
by jael bietsch

Determined to keep
tight to you, I've slipped
my fingers through the straps of your vest,
pushing forward against your
back, wind and water whipping back
my hair. Fast breaths of laughter catch
in my throat.
But this is serious, you and I
tossed together, storming
the lake, flying
the surf, kicking up waves and

Warm water, warm
wind, warm
skin of your brown arms a small sun
under my hands
as you turn
in the no-wake zone
and press a lake-wet kiss
to my mouth.

I've memorized the thick
breath of your kiss against my mouth,
my forehead, my hair, my knuckles,
the clean scent of you,
laundry and cologne,
the smooth line of your ribs
under my fingertips,
the press of you as you wake
our bed to shift closer,
the easy way you rock
reality with casual intensity,
fast breaths of sleep
and my acknowledgement
soft in the still-damp
warmth of your neck
like a kiss, a breath
into thick morning
as we sprawl together, skin
to skin.

I swear I will tread water, waiting
as you lean across
your reflection, one hand outstretched.
I will fly the waves,
storm the surf
to keep tight to you,
to taste your lake-wet lips
in the no-wake zone, to wake
under the weight of your arm,
to dream oceans
beside you every waking morning.

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